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Kristie Cotton

Kristie Cotton believes that Dressage training can be beneficial to all breeds of horses. Practiced correctly, this method becomes attainable to any rider who strives for a lighter and more balanced horse. Horse and rider become a happy combination. Kristie believes in educating riders to quietly communicate with their horse. Using classical Dressage theory along with updated science of biomechanics, Kristie's training strategies promote physical and emotional welfare of the horse. Kristie has over 30 years of proven experience problem solving for horse and rider. By using a combination of in hand techniques along with specific exercises geared towards the physiology of each horse. A horse that is balanced and comfortable, becomes a confident horse. Her extensive knowledge of the horse's physique has allowed her to evaluate and create a training program that will bring out the maximum potential of both horse and rider. Kristie believes that embarking on the journey of training a horse   is about knowledge, love and empathy.    




Training for the purpose of gymnasticizing, will not only provide harmony, it instills confidence in knowing you can present yourself and your horse with a positive energy. Integrity coaching not only helps the riders position but also the effects of quiet aids to communicate with their horse.



Integrity teaches with passion and encouragement, keeping a positive but educational atmosphere. Riders can delve deeper into the theory of what tools they need to improve their training practices. Using knowledge of correct Biomechanics, horses quickly improve with reduced stress. The goal is to keep horses happy in their work, creating wellness and health in the horse. Contact us today to learn about our affordable lesson and clinic opportunities.



Horses need to be supple throughout their body in order to carry a rider comfortably. If they are tense, confused, or in pain they will begin to compensate for the way they carry themselves under the weight of a rider. This leads to improper muscle development keeping the horse from functioning correctly as well as physically incapable of the demands of a certain movement. Integrity's problem solving approach helps to find the other underlying cause of resistance, behavior issues, and loss of athletic performance. Dressage movements were meant to provide therapeutic benefits to all types of horses. Using classical principles of in-hand techniques and training strategies, horses improve movement, beauty, and most importantly happiness.


If you want to achieve something new, you have to try something new.  Do you feel as though Dressage has not been a positive experience for you and your horse? Are you struggling with specific movements or improving altogether? Tired of getting the same test scores and remarks? Integrity Training and Coaching has proven results with using the classical exercises to improve every horses athletic potential.

The horse communicates the only way it knows how... behavior. When horses are acting out in ways that keep us from having a positive relationship, we need to address the root cause of what could be creating the negative behavior. After a medical evaluation from your veterinarian, Integrity Training will evaluate the mental and physical behaviors the horse presents. Training strategies will include all aspects of addressing the horses physical and emotional state. 

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The goal is to elevate the horse to a level of strength and elegance it would never reach on its own, improving Nature to the point of “Art”.

Charles de Kunffy

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